The AWS Multi-Account Access connector enables you to manage multi-account permissions of AWS IAM Identity Center users. The connector calls the AWS IAM Identity Center's Entitlements API, and its supported operations allow you to list AWS IAM Identity Center instances as well as list, add, and remove multi-account permissions.

Authorize your account

When you add an card to a flow for the first time, you'll be prompted to configure a connection to the relevant AWS IAM Identity Center account. After saving your account information, you'll be able to reuse the connection for future flows. See AWS Multi-Account Access Authorization.

connector action cards



Add AWS Entitlements Assign access to a principal for specified Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts using permission sets.
List AWS Entitlements List the entitlements for a specific principal.
List Instances List the AWS IAM Identity Center instances for a particular region that are associated with your account.
Remove All AWS Entitlements Deletes all of a principal's access from a specified Amazon Resource Name (ARN).
Remove AWS Entitlements Deletes a principal's access from specified AWS accounts using specified permission sets.