Search Request Templates

Search for request templates in Evident ID.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Choose one of the following options to display your search results:
  • First Matching Template: returns a single template

  • All Matching Templates: returns all matching templates, in list format

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Template Name Name of the template to search for. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
Templates If All Matching Templates is chosen as the result set, then each matching template appears as an entry in this list. Each entry contains the remaining fields in this table, regardless of whether the first matching template or all matching templates are returned. List of objects
ID Unique identifier for the template. String
Name Name of the template. String
Summary A summary of the verification request. Used in the subject of emails sent to users to inform them of the action required to complete their task. String
Description Intent of the verification request. String
Notes Miscellaneous notes. String
Relying Party ID An identifier of the Relying Party, formatted similar to a Distinguished Name. String
Attributes Attributes requested by the template. List of Text

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