Search Emails

Search for an email or multiple emails. For more information, refer to Gmail Documentation.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Choose from:
  • First matching email: return the first email message that meets the search criteria
  • All matching emails: return all email messages that match the search criteria
Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Query Return only the messages that match the specified query (supports the same query format as the Gmail search box, such as is:unread. See Search operators you can use with Gmail. String FALSE
With Labels Labels to include in message filtering (such as Important, Starred, or Spam). List FALSE
Include Spam and Trash Set to True to include spam and trash messages, or False to exclude them. Boolean FALSE


Field Definition Type
Emails List of email objects returned from the search, where each object contains the fields described in the First Matching Email section. List
Message ID Unique ID of the message. String
Subject Subject of the message. String
Text Body Text in the body of the message. String
HTML Body HTML formatted body of the message. String
To Email addresses of the message recipients (format multiple addresses in a list of individual emails or as a single text string separated by commas or semicolons). String
From Sender of the message. String
CC A list of carbon copied recipients. List
Attachment IDs List of unique IDs of the email attachments. List of Objects
Labels List of categories attributed to the message (for example, Unread, or Important). List

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