Download File

Download a file by its ID from Google Drive.


This is only intended for non-native Google file types (for example, Google Sheets).


Field Definition Type Required
File ID Unique ID associated with the file to be downloaded. String TRUE
Download Format Format options to which the file download file contents are converted:
  • Do not convert

  • .CSV - Comma Separated Values

  • .DOCX - Microsoft Office Document

  • .EPUB - Electronic Publication

  • .HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

  • .JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

  • .ODP - OpenDocument Presentation

  • .ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet

  • .ODT - OpenDocument Text

  • .PDF - Portable Document Format

  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphics

  • .PPTX - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

  • .RTF - Rich Text Format

  • .SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

  • .TSV - Tab Separated Values

  • .TXT - Plain Text

  • .XLSX - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

  • .ZIP - Zipped Archive

If you select Do not convert, then the card dynamically calls the Google Drive API to get the MIME type of the file. The card uses the type to construct the URL. The constructed URL is used when making the call to export the file from the Google Drive API.

The Download Format pull-down contains a list of statically defined MIME types. If you select a different statically defined MIME type from the pull-down, then the selected MIME type is used to construct the URL.

Note that the values from the Download Format drop-down and the file name and extension are independent. After a file is downloaded, it is stored with the file name provided by Google Drive regardless of the option selected from the Download Format drop-down.

Dropdown FALSE

A file must be at least 1 byte in size, but cannot be larger than 2 GB. See Workflows system limits.


Field Definition Type
File Content Unique ID associated with the file content in the Workflows file system. String

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