HubSpot CRM connector

HubSpot CRM is a customer relationship manager (CRM) platform that's used for tracking leads, sales, and customer service. You can create, read, update, and search contacts and companies, create associations, and make custom API calls to the HubSpot API.

Authorize your HubSpot CRM account

The HubSpot CRM connector uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. The first time you add a HubSpot CRM card to a flow, you're prompted to create a connection. See Authorization.

HubSpot CRM connector action cards



Associate Contact with Another Object Associate a contact with an object in HubSpot CRM.
Create Contact Create a new contact in HubSpot CRM.
Custom API Action Use the Custom API Action to make an authenticated custom API request to the HubSpot API.
Delete Contact Delete a HubSpot CRM contact.
Read Company Read information about a company in HubSpot CRM.
Read Contact Read information about a contact in HubSpot CRM.
Remove Association between Contact and Another Object Remove an association from a contact in HubSpot CRM.
Search Companies Find companies that match the provided search criteria.
Search Contacts Find contacts that match the provided search criteria.
Update Contact Update a HubSpot CRM contact.