Search Issues

Search for an issue in Jira.


Field Definition Type Required

List of existing projects in your Jira account.

Select All Projects to enter the project key or name as an input.

Dropdown TRUE
Issue Type

Type of issue to search for.

Select All Issue Types to use the issue type as an input.

Dropdown TRUE
Result Set All matching issues or the first match that is found. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Offset Offset for the results. If the card finds 50 issues and you want to return the last 20, your offset is 30 and your max result is 20. Number FALSE
Max Results Maximum number of results to return. Number FALSE
Key The Jira project key or name to use for the search. String FALSE
Search By
Assignee Assignee for the issue. String FALSE
Status Category Category of the issue. String FALSE
Comment Comment on the issue. String FALSE

Date and time when the object was created.

String FALSE
Creator Username of the user who created the issue. String FALSE
Description Description of the issue. String FALSE
Due Date Date when the issue is due. String FALSE
Last Viewed Last time the issue was viewed. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Key Key of the issue. String
Issue ID Unique ID of the issue. String
API Resource URL URL of the API resource for the issue. String
URL URL of the issue. String

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