Read Channel

Read a Microsoft Teams channel.


Field Definition Type Required
ID Unique ID of the team. String TRUE
ID Unique ID of the channel. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
ID Unique ID of the channel. String
Created Date Time Date and time when the channel was created. Date and Time
Display Name Display name of the channel. String
Description Description for the channel. String
Is Favorite By Default Specifies whether the channel should automatically be marked favorite for all members of the team. Boolean
Email Email address for sending messages to the channel. String
Web URL Hyperlink that will go to the team in the Microsoft Teams client. This is the URL that you get when you right-click a team in the Microsoft Teams client and select Get link to team. String
Membership Type Specifies the type of the channel.
  • Standard - Channel inherits the list of all members of the parent team.

  • Private - Channel can have members that are a subset of all the members on the parent team. Limit of 30 private channels per team.


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