Build Schedule Layer

Build a new PagerDuty schedule layer for use as an input value with the Update Schedule action card for PagerDuty.


Field Definition Type Required
Schedule Layer
Schedule Layer ID Unique user identifier for the schedule layer. If a new layer doesn't already exist, one will be created. If it exists, then it will be updated with input values from this action card. String FALSE
Name Name of the schedule layer. String FALSE
Start Start time of this layer. Date & Time TRUE
End End time for this layer. If null, the layer doesn't end. Date & Time FALSE
Users Ordered list of users on this layer. The position of the user on the list determines their order in the layer. Object FALSE
Restrictions An array of restrictions for the layer. A restriction is a limit on which period of the day or week the schedule layer can accept assignments. Object FALSE
Rotation Virtual Start Effective start time of the layer. This can be before the start time of the schedule. Date & Time TRUE
Rotation Turn Length Seconds Duration of each on-call shift in seconds. The value cannot exceed one year in seconds. Number TRUE


Field Definition Type
Schedule Layer Resulting schedule layer object.


"Schedule Layer ID":"",
[{"User ID":"PS79DJO",
"Duration Seconds":3600,
"Start Time Of Day":"12:31:23Z",
"Start Day Of Week":null}],
"Rotation Virtual Start":"2021-07-30T15:58:11Z",
"Rotation Turn Length Seconds":3605

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