List Employees

List employees in your Personio instance.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set

Choose one of the following options to display your search results:

  • First 100 Records - returns the first 100 matching employees.

  • Stream Records - pass all matching records from your parent flow to a helper flow. Selecting this option adds a Streaming input section where you can select a helper flow for streaming and add custom extensible fields.

Dropdown TRUE

To learn how to return large numbers of records, see Stream matching records with a helper flow.


Field Definition Type Required

This field appears when you select Stream Records for the Result Set option.

Click Choose Flow to select a helper flow where the search results will be streamed, then click Choose to confirm.

Optionally, click the empty field under Click or drop here to create and add custom extensible fields that pass data to the helper flow. These fields are added as key and value pairs, and can be accessed from inside the State object in the helper flow.

The helper flow must specify an input object named Record.

To obtain streamed records, the input field of the Helper Flow card in the streaming helper flow must reference the Record subobject inside the passed Record object. The Record subobject contains the employee information.

To obtain the passed state input values, reference the State subobject inside the passed object.

Record limit

This field appears when you select Stream Records for the Result Set option.

Specify the number of records to stream.

  • When the Record Limit field is set to 0, no records are returned.

  • When the Record Limit field is set to a value greater than 0, the card returns up to the maximum number of records specified.

  • When the Record Limit field is empty, null, or not selected, all records are streamed.

  • Default value is 500,000.

  • Valid range is from 0 to 500,000.

Number FALSE


The results depend on what you selected as the Result Set in the Options section for the card.

Field Definition Type
Employees List of Objects
ID Unique identifier for the employee Text
First Name Employee's first name Text
Last Name Employee's family name Text

Email address for the employee.

This is predefined as the unique identifier used to assign employee data during import activity.

Gender Employee's gender Text
Status Employee status: Onboarding, Active, Inactive, Leave Text
Position Position currently held within the company Text

Employee's supervisor

  • ID (Text) - Supervisor's unique identifier

  • First Name (Text) - Supervisor's first name

  • Last Name (Text) - Supervisor's family name

  • Email (Text) - Supervisor's email

Employment Type Indicates whether an employee is employed internally or externally Text
Weekly Hours An employee's contractually agreed weekly working hours. This value is linked to the employee salary. Text
Hire Date Date from which a work contract is effective Date & Time
Contract End Date Date on which a fixed-term work contract expires Date & Time
Termination Date Date on which the employment terminates. After this date, the employee status is automatically set to Inactive Date & Time
Termination Type Termination type Text
Termination Reason Reason for termination Text
Probation Period End Date End date of the probation period Date & Time
Created At Creation date for the employee record Date & Time
Last Modified Date when the employee record was last updated Date & Time

Subcompany that an employee works for if subcompanies have been set up

  • ID (Text) - Subcompany's unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Subcompany name


Office where an employee works

  • ID (Text) - Office unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Office name


Department where an employee works

  • ID (Text) - Department's unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Department name

Cost Center

The relevant cost center. You can select several cost centers and assign different charge percentages to each.

  • ID (Text) - Cost center unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Cost center name

  • Percentage (Number) - Percentage of allocated cost

List of Objects
Public Holidays

Employee's public holidays

  • ID (Text) - Public holiday unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Public holiday name

  • Country (Text) - Public holiday country

  • State (Text) - Public holiday state

Absence Entitlements

Employee's absence entitlements

  • ID (Text) - Absence entitlement unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Absence entitlement name

  • Category (Text) - Absence entitlement category

  • Entitlement (Text) - Absence entitlement type

List of Objects
Work Schedule

Employee's work schedule

  • ID (Text) - Work schedule unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Work schedule name

  • Valid From (Text) - Work schedule start

  • Monday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Tuesday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Wednesday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Thursday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Friday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Saturday (Text) - Scheduled hours

  • Sunday (Text) - Scheduled hours

Fixed Salary

Employee's fixed salary

  • Value (Number) - Employee's salary

  • Currency (Text) - Currency type

Salary Interval Interval between salary payments Text
Hourly Salary

Employee's hourly salary

  • Value (Number) - Employee's salary

  • Currency (Text) - Currency type

Vacation Day Balance Number of vacation days available Number
Last Day of Work Final day of employment Date & Time
Profile Picture URL for employee's profile picture Text

Employee's team

  • ID (Text) - Team's unique identifier

  • Name (Text) - Team name

Custom Fields User-defined employee fields. Dynamically generated per connection. Various
Records Streamed

Appears only when the Result Set option is Stream Records.

Number of records streamed in a streaming flow.


Known issues

When using the List Employees action card, avoid making any updates to employee records, either through the Update Employee action card or direct API calls. Some records can be skipped or returned twice if the source is updated during the card execution.

Also, to improve performance, limit the number of Readable employee attributes specified during creation of the API credentials.

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