Resume a paused flow

When you use the Pause or Pause Raw flow control cards in your API Endpoint flow, you can resume the flow using a call to the flow's invoke endpoint. See Invoke a flow with an API endpoint.

Before pausing or resuming an API endpoint flow, make sure that the security settings are correct. See Invoke an API endpoint flow.

A flow can't be resumed if it's nested within any card, for example inside an If/Else or If/ElseIf card.

Use the following procedure to resume a flow invoked through an API endpoint.

  1. In the API Endpoint Settings dialog, copy the URL from the Resume URL field.
  2. To invoke the flow, perform a GET or POST request to the Resume URL. Use the POST method if you need to send data in the body of the request.

    • The Resume URL requires the execution ID. You can get this ID from the flow's execution history, or inside the context object that is returned when you invoke the flow.

    • For an API endpoint secured using a client token, include the client token as a query parameter to the Resume URL.

    • For an API endpoint secured with OAuth 2.0 authorization, include the access token in the request to the Resume URL.

After you resume a flow, the rest of the flow runs normally. The final output of your flow is returned as the response.

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