Create a new list of items from one list that don't appear in another list.

The output for this card is a new list which is a subset of the original list (list1), containing only those items which are not in list2. The lists can be of any type, but all three lists must be of the same type. Note that case is ignored.


Field Definition Type Required
list1 Target list that is filtered with the Difference function card. Various TRUE
list2 List of items to be removed from list1.

Optionally, you can add other lists to filter from list1.

Various TRUE


Field Definition Type
list Resulting filtered list. Various


Input list1: ["andrew", "beth", "carla", "david", "elwood"]

Input list2: ["beth", "david", "frank", "gina" ]

Output list: ["andrew", "carla", "elwood" ]

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