Set up the stream matching option with a helper flow

To use the streaming feature on a search or list card to pass data to a helper flow, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Stream Matching Records (for example, for the Okta connector Find Users action card) and click Save.

  2. Click Choose Flow and either choose an existing flow or create a flow.

  3. In the helper flow, create keys for Record and State. Set the type for both output fields to Object.

  4. Optionally, if you will not pass any additional data into the helper flow using custom extensible fields in the card's Streaming section, omit the State output field.

    Additionally, if you don't adhere to the naming convention of Record and State for the input fields, a failure will occur when you add any further fields and pass data to the helper flow.

    For example, input fields to this helper flow with names of x and y (or any other name) will cause an error. However, you can add a single field as an input (for example, x) to the helper flow that doesn't adhere to the naming convention, and all your data will be passed through that field as a key.

In this example, data from Okta user records are passed to a helper flow with the following structure:

"Password Changed": "2019-06-10T23:37:06.000Z",
"ID": "00u2unwcxjXHiqTES0g7",
"Second Email": null,
"Mobile Phone": null,
"Status Changed": "2019-06-10T22:16:24.000Z",
"Last Login": "2021-02-20T01:16:59.000Z",
"First Name": "Jimi",
"Created": "2019-06-10T21:33:07.000Z",
"Raw Output":
"id": "00u2unwcxjXHiqTES0g7",
"Status": "ACTIVE",
"Email": "",
"Last Name": "Hendrix",
"Last Updated": "2019-06-10T23:37:06.000Z",
"Login": "",
"Activated": "2019-05-10T21:13:21.000Z"
"State": {}

There is no output field on any action card that will display streamed records.

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