Set schedule options

When you create a new scheduled flow, you are prompted to provide a schedule. Polling monitors default to checking every five minutes. You can change the schedule at any time by clicking the clock icon that appears at the bottom of an event card.

The Flow Schedule dialog includes several options:


Choose a division of time for scheduling your flow.

  • Minute: Choose a number of minutes from the dropdown (for example, 15 to run every 15 minutes). You can optionally set a time range restriction (for example, just run between 9am and 5pm) and/or specific days (for example, only weekdays).

  • Hour: Choose a number of hours (for example, one to run every hour). As with Minutes, you can specify a time range restriction and specific days. The default is to run on the hour or you can specify an exact number of minutes after the hour.

  • Day: Choose the time to run the flow every day.

  • Week: Choose the time and day(s) to run the flow every week.

  • Month: Choose the interval (for example, 3 for every 3 months), time, and which day to run each month - either a specific day number or a specific day of the week.

Advanced Options

Specify Exact minutes to run after the hour for granular control over timed schedules.

No earlier than

Choose to start when the flow is turned on, or on a specific date.

No later than

Choose to end when the flow is turned off, or on a specific date.


Specify the timezone to use for the schedule.


The Summary field displays the selected scheduling options in sentence form.

Maker sure to click Save to make changes.

Once the flow is turned on, a countdown timer will appear in the flow's header pane indicating when it will run next.

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