Connections page

You can create and manage connections for your flows on the Connections page of the Workflows console.

Create connections

Click New Connection to create a connection. See Configure a connection.

Manage existing connections

The Connections page lists information for each of your connections.

  • Application: The external service or application that is the target for the connection, for example, Slack or Google Drive.
  • Name: The specific name that you entered when creating this particular connection, for example, Slack - Production or Google Drive - Developer Test Account. Click the Name field to change this connector name.
  • Description: Details of the connection. This could include the email of the account owner, the purpose of the connector, or any restrictions for its use. Click the Description field to change this connector description.
  • Added by: The user who added the connection.
  • Created on: The dater when the user created the connection.

To modify any existing connection, click the corresponding icon for the connection that you want to update.

  • Test Connection: Validate that the connection is working.
  • Usage: See which flows are using a particular connection.
  • Reauthorize: If you update the password, API key, or another setting for an application, you need to reauthorize your application. Click the Reauthorize icon and follow the steps to update your connection. Be sure to reauthorize each connection to the same application.
  • Delete: Remove the connection. Any flows that use this connection must be updated to use a different connection.

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