Connector Builder feature limits

There are Connector Builder feature limitations that can impact the design of your connector.

For authentication, only basic, OAuth 2.0 (Authorization Code grant type), or generic header-based authentication (such an API key or a combination of an application key and an API key) is supported.

There is a 50 test connection limit per org. There is no limit on the number of flows per org. Note that flows in Connector Builder do not count against the overall active flow limit per org on the Workflows platform. See Workflows system limits.

For the Paginate function, there is a system limit of 5,000 iterations. See Paginate and Paginate: Set a Max Page Index.

The following features and capabilities are not supported:

  • OAuth 2.0 client credentials

  • Non-standard OAuth types

  • Connections to on-premises services

  • Creation of event cards