Create and edit connector settings

Manage the basics of the branding for your cards on the Settings page.

When you change the connector settings, the Preview Card view on the right-hand side of the dialog shows your changes as they appear to the user.

  1. On the Overview tab, go to the Settings pane for your connector, and click Edit.

  2. In the Connector Name field, enter a name for your connector.

    This is usually the name of your service (for example, Salesforce, Slack, or ServiceNow). This name is used for the in-product Workflows connector selection dialog.

  3. Note the string in the Key field. The key value is generated automatically and can't be changed. The value is based on the name of your project.

  4. In the Description field, add a one or two sentence description for your connector.

  5. Click Replace to update the icon image for your connector.

    The image has a resolution limit of 300 x 300 pixels and must be square. Use a transparent PNG or JPG file with a maximum size of 3 MB.

  6. In the Accent Color field, add a three or six character hexadecimal color representation for your connector.

    For example, #fc0, or #00297A. Include the number sign in your entry.

  7. In the User Documentation URL field, enter a URL to the site that hosts the user documentation for your connector's authorization settings. The documentation should also include content that covers the use of each action card. The link to the site is displayed when a user clicks the help icon on any card.

  8. In the Support Contact Email field, add an email address for customers can contact for support when using your connector. The email address is displayed when a user clicks the help icon on any card.

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