Connector Builder action card documentation

Every card in a connector needs a help topic to describe the purpose and the fields of the card.

Name and description

Clearly indicate the name of the card and provide a brief description describing the action performed by the card. This information can match the name and description section of the action flow associated with the card.

Field definitions

Include information for every option, input, and output field on the card. For every field, provide the following:

  • Label: The name of the field.

  • Definition: Describe the purpose of the field, such as the data to be passed to or returned by this field.

  • Type: Specify the type of data allowed for this field. For example, Number or List of Text.

  • Required: Indicate whether this field needs a value to run the flow.

Organize all options, inputs, and outputs as separate sections.

For options, the group name is labeled Options and can't be changed. For the options fields described in the help topic, list all available choices.

For inputs and outputs, all fields are located within one or more groups, with changeable labels. Include all group labels in the help topic.

Limitations and known issues

Include information about any limitations and known issues for that card. For example:

  • A card executes slowly if it has to process a large set of records

  • A dropdown for an options field can only display a subset of all possible choices


For reference, see these connector card topics:

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