Read Email

Read a message received in Gmail. Pair this action card with an earlier event or action.


Senders and recipients are formatted as Name <>.


Field Definition Type Required
Message ID Unique ID of the message. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
Thread ID Unique ID of the message thread (new, non-threaded messages have the same message and thread IDs). String
Subject Subject heading of the message. String
Text Body Text in the body of the message. String
HTML Body HTML formatted body of the message String
To Recipient of the email. String
From Sender of the email. String
CC List of carbon copied recipients. List of Text
Attachment IDs List of unique IDs of the email attachments. List of Objects
filename Name of the attachment. String
attachmentID Unique ID of the attachment. String
messageID Message ID of the email. String
type file type (for example, .png or .jpeg). String
Labels List of categories attributed to the message (for example, Unread, or Important). String

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