Read All Calendars

Read all calendars in your Google Calendar account.


Field Definition Type
Calendar Etag ETag of the resource. String
Calendar ID Calendar identifier. String
Summary Title of the calendar. String
Time Zone Time zone in the format:
  • UTC+-HH
  • GMT+-HH
  • CEST+-HH (Central European Summer Time)
  • EEST+-HH (Eastern European Summer Time)
Date & Time
Color ID Color of the calendar. String
Background Color Main color of the calendar in the hexadecimal format #0088aa. String
Foreground Color Foreground color of the calendar in the hexadecimal format #ffffff. String
Selected Indicates whether the calendar content shows up in the calendar UI. Boolean
Access Role Effective access role that the authenticated user has on the calendar. Possible values are:
  • freeBusyReader: Provides read access to free/busy information.
  • reader: Provides read access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with reader access, but event details will be hidden.
  • writer: Provides read and write access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with writer access, and event details will be visible.
  • owner: Provides ownership of the calendar.
Default Reminders
Method Method used by this reminder. Possible values are email and popup. String
Minutes Number of minutes before the start of the event when the reminder should trigger. Valid values are between 0 and 40320 (four weeks in minutes). String
Notification Settings
Type Type of notification. Possible values are:
  • eventCreation: Notification sent when a new event is put on the calendar.
  • eventChange: Notification sent when an event is changed.
  • eventCancellation: Notification sent when an event is canceled.
  • eventResponse: Notification sent when an attendee responds to the event invitation.
  • agenda: An agenda with the events of the day (sent out in the morning).
Method Method used to deliver the notification. The possible value is email. String
Primary Whether the calendar is the primary calendar of the authenticated user. Boolean
Conference Properties
Allowed Conference Solution Types Types of conference solutions that are supported for this calendar. The possible values are:
  • eventHangout
  • eventNamedHangout
  • hangoutsMeet.
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