When you add a Oracle HCM card to a flow for the first time, Okta Workflows prompts you to configure the connection. This connection links to your Oracle HCM account and saves your account information, so you can reuse the connection for future Oracle HCM flows.

You can create multiple unique connections and manage them from the Connections page in the Okta Workflows Console.

Before you begin

You need the following elements to create a connection to a Oracle HCM account:

  • You must have administrator authority on Okta Workflows.

    In addition to the initial authorization of the connector, reauthenticating this connection requires an account with super admin privileges.

  • You must have the REST API for Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM authority.

Create a connection in Okta Workflows

To create a Oracle HCM connection in Okta Workflows, complete the following steps in your Workflows Console.

  1. Open the Connections tab in the Workflows Console or open a Oracle HCM card.
  2. Click New Connection.
  3. Select the Oracle HCM icon in the New Connection dialog.
  4. Enter a connection Name. A unique name is useful if you plan to create multiple connections to share with your team.
  5. Enter a connection Description. This is useful to have more information regarding your connection. This step is optional.
  6. Enter your Server URL, username, and password.

    • Enter your Server URL without the https:// prefix. For example, if the URL for your Oracle HCM instance is, then the Server URL is

  7. Click Create to save your configuration and create the connection.

Your new connection now appears in the Connections list.