Function cards

A function card enables you to interact with the data in your flow to change or control elements. Functions can be chained together to create complex interactions between your cards.

Okta Workflows categorizes the function cards to keep similar operations grouped.


  • Branching: Specify actions to execute based on the values of conditions

  • Error Handling: Handle error conditions, or try other actions if a previous action returned an error

  • Flow Control: Manage and manipulate the structure of your flow.


  • Text: Build, modify, and parse text

  • Number: Perform mathematical operations

  • True/False: Evaluate values based on true or false conditions

  • Date & Time: Parse and manipulate times and dates

  • Object: Build, modify, and parse objects

  • File: Operate on files using the Workflows file system

  • List: Create and iterate over lists of items.


  • Flows: Export flows

  • Folders: Export Workflow folders

  • Tables: Perform operations against tables associated with your flow


  • API Connector: Interact with third-party API endpoints using authenticated basic, OAuth 2, or custom connections

  • JSON: Manipulate JSON strings or objects

  • XML: Manipulate XML strings or objects

  • URL: Encode, decode, format, or parse hypertext URL information

  • Encryption: Encrypt or decrypt text elements

  • JWT: Manipulate JSON web tokens

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