Numbers and text

When you're adding, subtracting, splitting, or concatenating inputs, the manipulation of both numbers and text is a critical piece of building an automation. Number and Text functions are two of the more common function types of functions that are used when building a Flow.

Number Functions

Number functions are used to perform common math operations, such as Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide.

In addition to these basic functions, there are other more complex functions available, such as Round, Remainder, and Factorial. See Functions.

Text Functions

Three of the most important text functions are Find, Text Segment, and Compose.

Find allows you to search inside text. This can be useful if you're looking for a specific text (this function will return an output field of "-1" if the text is not found). If the text you're trying to find exists, the position where it is found will be returned as the output.

Text Segment allows you to extract a portion of text by specifying the start and end locations within the text. Use Text Segment to get a very specific section of text. This may be a word, a character, or a series of words and characters.

Compose is one of the most useful text functions. It allows you to create any message and includes the ability to drag inputs into the message. The compose card supports both HTML and Markdown. This is functionally similar to the Concatenate function.

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