Step 2: Create an If/Else decision branch

  1. In the Workflows Console, click Add Another FunctionBranchingIf/Else.
  2. Drag and drop the body of the Custom API Action card to the value a field in the If/Else card.

  3. Select is empty from the comparison field and click Done

  4. In the Run when TRUE portion of the If/Else branch click Add AnotherFunctionTextCompose.

  5. Enter the following:

    { "commands": [ { "type": "com.okta.appUser.profile.update", "value": { "email": "" } } ]}

  1. Drag and drop the emailaddress field from the Concatenate card into the blank space (after "email":) of the compose card.

  2. Click the output field of the Compose card and select Customize.

  3. Enter import_inlinehook_response in the display name field.

  4. In the Run when TRUE portion of the If/Else branch, click Add AnotherFunctionFlow ControlReturn Raw.

  5. Drag and drop theimport_inlinehook_response field from the Compose card into the body of the Return Raw card.

Next steps

Step 3: Create the Else branch