Step 4: Test the flow

  1. In Postman, copy the URL for the Petstore API.

  2. In the Workflows Console, return to your parent flow, and then click the Test icon.

  3. Paste the URL into the url field.

  4. Enter the following values:

  • url:

  • paramKey1: type

  • paramValue1: Dog

  • paramKey2: page

  • paramValue2: 2

  • Username: admin

  • Password: secret

  1. Click Test.

  2. Verify that the Compose card has a status code output.

  3. Verify the JSON Parse card created an object as its output.

  4. Verify that the Get Multiple card has correct values in the id, type, and price fields.

  5. Verify that the Pluck card has the values that correspond to the prices.

  6. Verify that the list was flattened and called three times.

  7. Check your helper flow and verify that the Flow History shows three Success listings.