Step 3: Trigger the flow in Okta

Now that you understand how the flow works, let's see it in action. In this task, you're going to manually assign a user to Salesforce, either by individual or group assignment. This step switches between your Workflows Console, your Okta Admin Console, and your Salesforce tenant, so be sure that you have completed the steps in Before You Begin.

  1. In the Workflows Console, toggle the Flow Activation to ON. If you haven't saved your flow yet, you're prompted to name and save it.
  2. In the Admin Console, assign a user to Salesforce. See Assign applications to users or Assign a single app to groups. The flow is triggered automatically when that assignment occurs.
  3. Return to the Workflows Console and open your Execution History. Select the executed flow to see its results.
  4. Go to your Salesforce tenant and confirm that the user was created.

The registration of the event webhook may take up to 60 seconds, so wait a minute before assigning a user.

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Step 4: Customize the flow