Step 7: Build a helper flow

  1. In the For Each card, click Choose Flow.
  2. Click New Flow.

  3. Name your helper flow 2a) Activate user, and then click Save.

  4. Click Add Event, and then select Helper Flow from the Okta Apps.

  5. In the first field, enter contractorRecord. Change the field type to Object.

  6. In the contractorRecord subfields, enter userID, row, Row ID, and suspendDate.

  7. Click FunctionError HandlingIf Error.

  8. In the If Error card, select Try.

  9. In the If Error card, click+ (Add), and then select Okta.

  10. ChooseActivate User.

  11. In the Send Email field, select Yes.

  12. Click Done.

  13. Drag and drop the userID from the Helper Flow card to the ID or Login field on the If ErrorTryActivate User card.

  14. In the If Error card, select Error.

  15. In the If Error card, click + FunctionError HandlingReturn Error.

  16. Drag and drop the Error from the Error card to the message field of the Return Error card.

  17. Save the helper flow.

Next steps

Step 8: Send a user activated Slack message