Perform identity proofing with a third-party service


Problem: For additional verification, you can use a third-party identity proofing service to confirm an end user's identity. These services confirm information from a driver's license, a photograph, or another type of documentation. As these flows are typically specific to your environment, they're built using Okta hooks and APIs as either custom code or through Okta Workflows.

Solution: During onboarding or any subsequent stage in a user's lifecycle, Workflows can call a third-party identity proofing vendor to update the identity status of a user. That status is then logged in the user's profile.

Example applications: Evident ID and Onfido. For the full list of available Workflows connectors, see Connectors.

Sample Flow 1

This flow shows how to create and validate a new user account with the identity proofing service.

  1. Create the user.

  2. Create the user through the identity proofing vendor API endpoint.

  3. Receive verification from the identity proofing vendor.

  4. Update the user profile or related groups.

Sample Flow 2

This flow shows a simple validation of an existing user identity.

  1. Run a scheduled flow.

  2. Poll the identity proofing vendor.

  3. Update the user profile or related groups.

Guidelines and limitations

Workflows system-wide limits apply. See Learn about Workflows best practices and limits.