Common Workflows errors

At runtime, Workflows can emit a number of error types to point out problems when you're executing your Flows. This table describes Workflows error codes.

Error Description
Connection Error A TCP connection couldn't be initialized to an external service.
FS Error An error occurred in the file system.
Forbidden Access to a resource is forbidden.
HTTP Error An external service returned an HTTP error. The message may contain a 500 status code and no content in the response body.
HTTP Request Error An external service returned an HTTP error, but it contained information in the response body that described the underlying error.
Invalid Flow The flow was invalid and couldn't be parsed or executed.
Invalid Input An input is missing or invalid on a system module.
Invalid Type Conversion A type conversion operation couldn't be completed
Network Error A low-level networking error occurred during an attempt to communicate with another internal or external service.
Not Active A Flow isn't active and can't be executed.
Not Found A resource wasn't found.
OAuth Refresh Error An OAuth refresh failed.
Parse Error A value couldn't be parsed, such as JSON or XML.

An individual step in a Flow took more than 10 minutes to run. This type of error often points to an infrastructure issue.

URL Error A URL is invalid.
Unknown Error An unspecified error.
User Error An unspecified user error.