Active Directory server discovery

Advanced Server Access can automate the process of server discovery to make sure that available servers are always listed on an Advanced Server Access team. Server sync jobs use an existing Active Directory (AD) connection to perform the following tasks:

  • Control where to search for devices
  • Use LDAP queries to locate specific devices
  • Assign devices to specific projects
  • Set Attribute Mapping rules to control how information is shared between AD and Advanced Server Access
  • Map Server Labels to gain fine-grained access control based on AD metadata
  • Automatically run server sync jobs on a set schedule


To maintain optimal performance, Advanced Server Access enforces several limitations on server discovery:

  • Maximum of 10 custom labels synced from the AD connection
  • Maximum of 100 assignment rules per server sync job
  • Maximum of 10,000 discovered servers across all connections
  • If a discovered server is also enrolled with the server agent, Advanced Server Access lists the server twice

Server removal

Server sync jobs perform a full reconciliation with AD every time they run. If a previously discovered server isn't detected for 96 hours, it's removed from Advanced Server Access.

You can also manually remove a discovered server, but Advanced Server Access may still discover and add the server again during a later sync job.

Job history

Teams can review the results of previous job runs on the Run History tab. This includes date and time data, status information, and details on which servers were added or removed.

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