Cloned server detection

It's common for organizations to create a snapshot of a server instance for a specific use and create other instances from that snapshot. The process of creating a new instance from a snapshot is sometimes referred to as server cloning.

Advanced Server Access recognizes when a cloud instance has been cloned from another that already has the Advanced Server Access agent enrolled. In this case, Advanced Server Access automatically creates a server inventory entry for the new instance.

When you install the agent on a server running on a cloud provider that's recognized by Advanced Server Access, the agent sends information identifying the instance to the Advanced Server Access cloud platform, which the platform validates before adding the instance to its server inventory.

When a cloned instance that contains a pre-enrolled agent boots, its agent contacts the Advanced Server Access platform, sending the authentication token from the original instance alongside information identifying the new instance. The Advanced Server Access platform detects the change in the instance’s identity, creates a new server inventory record, and returns a new authentication token specific to the cloned instance.

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