Okta Classic Engine release notes

Each month, Okta releases features, enhancements, bug fixes, and Okta Integration Network updates. The monthly release includes Generally Available (GA) and Early Access (EA) features. Following the monthly release, bug fixes and stability improvements are deployed weekly for the remainder of the month.

You can identify your product type and release version from the Admin Console. The page footer contains the cell number for your org, your org type (Preview or Production), your product type (C - Classic Engine, E - Identity Engine), and the release version.

Production orgs
Learn about features and fixes deployed to Production orgs.
Preview orgs
Learn about features and fixes deployed to Preview orgs.
Early Access
Learn about new features before they're rolled out to Preview and Production orgs. See Manage Early Access and Beta features.
Okta Verify
Learn about Okta Verify features and fixes.
Identity Governance
Learn about Identity Governance features and fixes.
Okta Privileged Access
Learn about Okta Privileged Access features and fixes.