Okta Verify Release Notes

Okta Verify for Android

Download: Go to Google Play or Okta Admin Console (SettingsDownloads). See Download Okta Android apps from the Admin Console.

Version: 7.8.1

Deployment date: September 12, 2022

Release summary

  • When users authenticate with Okta Verify push notifications, the name of the app they want to access is included in the notification. If Okta detects an unusual sign-in attempt, the user is prompted to review the sign-in details before they can approve the push notification. See Sign in with an Okta Verify push notification (Android).
  • Starting with this release, Android 13 is supported. Android 8 is no longer supported. See Supported platforms for Okta Verify.
  • If users install Okta Verify on Android 13, the account setup wizard prompts users to allow Okta Verify notifications. See Set up Okta Verify on Android devices.
  • Other internal fixes.

ClosedPast releases

Okta Verify for iOS

Download: Apple App Store

Version: 7.8.0

Deployment date: September 6, 2022

Release summary

  • This version includes several internal improvements and fixes.

ClosedPast releases