Group Membership report

Use this report to view group members and how they were granted their membership. This report helps you monitor users’ access to resources, their roles within a resource, and their resource usage. The report also helps fulfill compliance and audit requirements.

Before you begin

Ensure that:

  • You are signed in as a super admin, org admin, read-only admin, mobile admin, or reports admin.
  • You have users and groups set up in your org.
  • Your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

Get report

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Reports > Reports.
  2. In the Entitlements and Access section click Group membership.
  1. Click Edit Filters.
  1. Select one of the following fields, choose an operator, and then enter an appropriate value:



Select a group.

Group membership type

Select one or more types.

Group name

Enter a group's name.

Group source

Select a group's source.

Okta user status

Select one or more statuses.

Okta username

Enter Okta-specific username. This is usually an email address.


Select a user.

User fullname

Enter the full name of a user.

  1. Optional. Click Add Filter to add more filters, or click X to remove a filter.
  2. Click Apply to view the report.
To download the report, click CSV Export.

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