Okta RADIUS Server Agent Version History

This page displays current and past versions of the Okta RADIUS Server Agent for Windows and Linux, and is updated accordingly to coincide with General Availability (GA) and Early Access (EA) releases.

Current GA Version





2.17.5 This version includes bug fixes and certain security enhancements. 2022.8.0 GA
2.17.4 This version includes bug fixes and certain security enhancements. 2022.5.0 GA
2.17.3 This version includes bug fixes and certain security enhancements. 2022.4.2 GA

This version includes certain security enhancements.

2022.1.0 GA


This version includes certain security enhancements.

2021.12.0 GA


This version includes certain security enhancements.

2021.11.3 GA


Bug fixes and Government Community Cloud support.

2021.10.0 GA


Bug fixes and support of EAP-TTLS.

2021.03.0 GA


Integrated proxy support for Linux, the renaming of the property ragent.network.accept.white_list to ragent.network.accept.allow_list, and bug fixes.

2021.02.0 EA


Hardening around certain vulnerability issues and includes support for the PEAPv1/EAP-GTC protocol.

2020.10.1 EA


Updated installer to address security and bug fixes.

2020.07.1 EA

2.11.0 Updated to include support for EAP-TTLS. 2020.05.1 EA

Updated to include support for Linux, specifically:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.0
  • CentOS 7.6
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4
2020.03.1 EA
2.9.6 Updated installer to remove port and shared secret requirements. 2020.01.0 EA
2.9.5 Updated the service to run under the LocalService account with a write-restricted token. 2019.45 EA
2.7.7 Fix for log messages that displayed an incorrect response code for requests that were successful. 2018.48 EA
2.7.6 Updated JRE to version 1.8.182.

2018.46 EA

2.7.5 Provides functionality to restrict the network interface on which RADIUS request can be received. 2018.32
2.7.4 This version contains security enhancements.


2.7.3 This version disables CDN during install and contains bug fixes. 2018.23
2.7.1 Supports TLS 1.2. 2018.11
2.7.0 Better logging, improved queue management, packet duplication fixes, and many performance optimizations. Windows event logs are not created by default. 2017.33
2.5.0 This version supports the RADIUS Generic App and Amazon Workspace App. 2017.05
2.3.1 This update provides the following:
  • Support for two-factor-only authentication (2FA), an EA feature.
  • A fix of a potential security vulnerability.
2.2.0 This update adds support for:
  • SSL certificate pinning
  • Fixed an issue that prevented RADIUS users from authenticating with Okta Verify with Push


2.1.5 This update adds multithreading support for Okta Verify with Push Authentication.

2015.32 GA

2015.30 EA

2.1.4 This update disables SSL3 encryption protocol to address the Poodle security vulnerability. 2015.26
2.1.3 This update fixes an issue that prevented users from installing the Okta RADIUS Server agent v2.02 through a proxy server. 2015.25
2.0.2 Adds OAuth support to RSA and RADIUS agents during installation. 2014.44 Provides ability to view log entries for the RADIUS server agent in the Windows Event Viewer. 07/30/13
2.0.0 Provides an option in RADIUS for multi-factor authentication (MFA). 06/26/2013
1.0.0 Introduces Okta's RADIUS SERVER Agent which enables users to authenticate to RADIUS enabled devices using their Okta credentials. 04/11/2013