Apply your theme to Okta pages

After you set your theme, you can apply it to Okta-hosted sign-in and error pages and to the End-User Dashboard.

When end users attempt to sign in to your applications, they're redirected to an Okta-hosted sign-in page. If an error occurs while they're signing in, Okta displays a default error page. If they sign in successfully, end users see a dashboard where they can securely access their applications.

Before you begin

  • You must be a super admin or an org admin, or have a role with customizations permissions.
  • Set a theme for your org.
  • Optional. If you’ve already used the code editors for the sign-in page and error pages but want to use custom branding instead, go to the editor pages and toggle the Code editor off. Customizations that you made with the code editors will overwrite branding for those pages.

Apply your theme

  1. In the Admin Console, go to CustomizationsBranding. Or, if you enabled multibrand customization, go to CustomizationsBrands, and then select the brand you want.
  2. Go to Pages, and then click Edit or Configure for the one that you want to customize.
  3. Optional for multibrand users. In the Base style panel, choose a style option to preview and then click Save and publish.
  4. Optional. For sign-in or error pages, select the Code editor toggle.

    You must associate the brand with a custom domain to use the code editor. For more information, see Customize domain and email address.

  5. Click Save and publish.

Next step

Apply your theme to Okta email notifications