Control access to the Okta End-User Dashboard

Okta lets you control which users can access your org's Okta End-User Dashboard.

New organizations get access to the dashboard by default. Admins of existing orgs can use this guide to remove access for users who don’t use the dashboard.

Admin roles for this task

  • You must have super admin permissions to change access to the Okta End-User Dashboard.
  • If you choose to deny access to the Okta End-User Dashboard, affected users keep their existing access level until the next time they sign in.

Disable the Okta End-User Dashboard for specific groups

You can disable access to the Okta End-User Dashboard for groups and specific user types. For example, you can disable access to the dashboard for groups who only access a custom-built app, or only access apps through your intranet.

Ensure that admins aren't included in any group that you disable dashboard access for. If this isn't possible, create a higher-priority rule for these admins so they keep access to their dashboard.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DashboardApplication and filter by active.

  2. Select the Okta Dashboard app.
  3. In the Sign On Policy tab, click Add Rule.
  4. Under Who does this rule apply to?, click the following groups and users and select the specific groups that this rule applies to.
  5. In the Access section at the bottom of the page, select Denied from the dropdown.

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