Modify a list

You can modify a list to add or revoke a team’s ability to manage resources. However, you can’t modify applications and groups lists that are synced directly to Okta.

Before you begin

Sign in as a super admin or access requests admin.

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to Settings > Configuration.

  2. Select a resource lists for an integration or Configuration items.

  3. Select the list that you want to modify.

  4. Select Edit list from the menu associated with the list.

  5. Make the required changes. You can make the following changes:

    • Update the list name.

    • Add or remove teams.

    • Add or archive items. You can only archive items from a sublist.

  6. Select Update list to save the changes.

A Request Type is disabled and the admins receive an email notification in the following scenarios:

  • When you remove an item from a list that is associated with an active Request Type.

  • When you delete a team that is associated with a Request Type.

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