Install and configure Epic Hyperdrive in Okta

During this task administrators will:

Newly created groups are intended for use with configured MFA factors.

  1. Define the groups that will be authenticated by the Epic Hyperdrive application:
    1. Sign in to your Okta tenant as an administrator.
    2. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryGroups.
    3. Click Add Group.
    4. Complete the fields and then click Save.
    5. Add people to the group. See Users, groups, and profiles.
  2. Select authentication factors:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityMultifactor.
    2. Select the Factor Types tab.
    3. Select a factor and then select Activate from the dropdown.
    4. See also MFA.

  3. Add and configure the Epic Hyperdrive application:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

    2. Click Browse App Catalog.
    3. Search the catalog for Epic Hyperdrive EPCS. Select Epic Hyperdrive EPCS (MFA) and click Add Integration.
    4. Configure your general settings. Click Done.
    5. Go to the General tab and record the values in the Client ID and Client secret fields. Click Show to display the Client secret value. These values are used in the Install the Okta Hyperdrive Agent task.
  4. Download and store the application certificate:
    1. Select the Sign On tab.
    2. Scroll to the SAML Signing Certificates section.
    3. On the row with the appropriate certificate select ActionsDownload certificate.

      The default certificate, listed first and typically inactive, should not be used.

    4. Store the certificate securely and provide to Epic Technical services as required for configuring Epic Hyperdrive.
      See Configure Hyperdrive to integrate with Okta for additional details..

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