Manage self-service registration settings

Deprecation notice: Okta is deprecating Self-Service Registration (SSR) from the Okta Classic Engine for customers that don't currently use the feature. However, SSR remains supported for customers already using it on Okta Classic Engine. For orgs using the Okta Identity Engine, SSR is now part of the profile enrollment policy feature. See End-user registration for information about the expanded features available in the Okta Identity Engine. For any questions or concerns, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Okta Support.

This is where you'll find the information you need to manage self-service registration (SSR). SSR lets users use a custom app or the Okta Homepage to self-register. After you enable SSR, a Sign up link appears in the Okta Sign-In widget. When this link is selected, users are directed to a new Create Account registration form that is defined by a customized registration policy. To enable SSR, super admin permissions and the Okta Sign-in widget version 2.9 or later are required.