Submit requests from Slack

Users can submit requests directly from Slack if you have integrated Slack with Access Requests and you have one or more active Request Types. They can manage the entire lifecycle of a request through a Slack channel. Any messages and actions within Slack are also reflected in the Access Requests web app.

By default, all users can view requests. You can mark a submitted request as private, or you can update your team settings to mark all incoming requests for the team as private.

Users can submit requests from Slack using any of the following methods:

  • Select an app to request access to from the Home tab of the Access Requests app.

  • Send a message to the Okta bot using natural language.

    Users can perform the following steps:

    1. Contact the Okta bot.
      • Tag the @Okta bot in a channel that includes the bot.
      • Use the /access Slack slash command in a channel that includes the bot.
      • Go to the Access Requests app > Messages tab.
    2. Enter a request using natural language.
    3. Review the response from the bot and verify that the information is correct.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Enter the required information in the Add details dialog.
    6. Click Submit to create the request. Any changes or updates to the request are immediately reflected in the Slack message.

After users interact with the Okta bot or Access Requests app within Slack once, they automatically receive a notification when an action is assigned to them or they’re mentioned on a request.

Users can cancel a submitted request using the Access Requests web app if a team member or approver hasn't taken any action on it. They receive a cancellation notification based on the notification preferences they’ve set up.

Access Requests also cancels a request if the requester's access to the Access Requests web app is revoked or their status in Okta changes to suspended or deactivated.

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