Identity Governance overview

Okta Identity Governance is a SaaS-delivered, converged, and intuitive identity and access management platform. Use it to simplify and manage your identity and access lifecycles across multiple systems and improve the overall security of your company.

Identity Governance builds upon the existing Okta lifecycle management products, such as Provisioning and Workflows, which help enterprises simplify access fulfillment and entitlement tasks throughout a user’s identity lifecycle.


  • Efficiently create, protect, and audit access to critical resources.
  • Improve your company’s security:
    • Reduce risks associated with unmanaged identities and accumulation of elevated or privileged access.
    • Make access certification more meaningful with the contextual information, such as sign-in frequency, a resource’s last accessed date, and more.
    • Manage and store app entitlements in Okta and assign them to users individually or using a policy.
  • Increase employee productivity:
    • Automatically provision new employees to birthright apps based on their user profile attributes. This allows them to be productive from day one.
    • Enable users to request access to any Okta resource from their workplace collaboration tools in a self-service manner.
  • Improve IT efficiency by automating tasks to reduce the time taken and errors associated with manual data entry and provisioning tasks. Okta Identity Governance uses automated, self-service requests to evaluate who receives access to resources. Approval flows provide security for your most sensitive data and tools.