Configure Module, Scheme and Policy

During this task we will configure module, scheme and policy to protect the OAM resources.

  1. Login to the Oracle Access Manager Console.
  2. Create an Authentication Module.
    1. Click Authentication ModuleCreate.
    2. On the General tab enter an appropriate Name and Description and click Create.
    3. For the new authentication module select the Steps tab.
    4. Create a new step which references the plugin and configure the step details as shown.
    5. Select the Steps Orchestration tab
    6. Select the previously created step as the Initial Step as shown.
      Note: Configure state success as On Success and failure for both On Failure and On Error.
    7. Click Apply when complete.
  3. Create an Authentication Scheme.
    1. Click Authentication SchemeCreate.
    2. Configure the scheme as shown:
      Note:Authentication Module field should be set to the module created in the previous step.
    3. Click Apply when complete..
  4. Ensure services are enabled.
    1. Navigate to ConfigurationAvailable Services.
    2. Ensure Access Manager and Adaptive Authentication Service are both enabled.
  5. Create Authentication Policy which references the new Authentication Scheme
    1. Navigate to Application DomainWebGateTestAuthentication PoliciesProtected Resource PolicyAdvanced Rules.
    2. Under Advanced Rules select the Post-Authentication tab.
    3. Click Add and add a rule as shown below. Note: All fields should be as shown, however Switch Authentication Schememust be set to the name of the scheme created
    4. Click Apply when complete.

Next steps

[Optionally] Enable SSL on OAM servers