End-user experience

The Okta End-User Dashboard and Okta Browser Plugin greatly improve productivity and ease of access for end users. They allow immediate shortcuts to apps provisioned by your org.

Okta End-User Dashboard

The following sections provide more information about the enhancements added to the Okta End-User Dashboard, and any functionality that is removed or temporarily unavailable.

Partial list of HealthInsight security tasks.

The End-User Dashboard doesn’t load in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode.

What’s new

The dashboard features the following enhancements:

Any device
The user experience design is fully responsive and works seamlessly across all devices.
Improves screen reader support, color contrast, and keyboard navigation.
Display preference
End users can create customizable layouts of app cards in either a list or a grid view. The dashboard also includes a configurable Recently Used section. See Recently used apps.
Side-navigation design
Makes it easier for end users to find everything they need in one place, this navigation offers the option to add new features.
Sections replace tabs
A single-view panel with various sections means that users no longer have to switch back and forth between tabs to find their apps.
Enhanced search
Enables users to find whatever they need, when they need it, faster than before and even if they make a spelling mistake.
Onboarding guides
Provides a guided walk-through to help end users understand how to use the dashboard.
Browser plugin onboarding
After the user or a group policy installs the plugin, the browser shows an onboarding banner describing how to use the Okta Browser Plugin.
Recent sign-ins
End users can track recent sign-ins and immediately report any suspicious activity. This feature is only available in the new dashboard for orgs that use the Adaptive MFA feature.
Use resources such as email templates to help you communicate any changes that are coming to the Okta End-User Dashboard and Okta Browser Plugin with our End User Adoption Toolkit.
Branding features
You can use the branding features to add themes or colors to your dashboard.

On the Okta End-User Dashboard, the recommended app assignment limits for end users have increased. You can assign up to 5000 apps, an increase from the limit of 2000.

What stays

The dashboard doesn't affect the user interface or the settings for the following functions:

  • Sign-in page customization. For example, sign-in flows, reset password flows, self-service unlock flows
  • Translation for 26 supported languages

  • User Settings page
  • Loading pages
  • User onboarding flow


Some functions are unsupported in the new experience. If you require one of these features for your org, contact Okta Support for assistance.

  • Secure my Mac flows from the Dashboard

  • Badges for new app integrations

  • Apps that can't be accessed from an untrusted device appear with a gray color and a locked icon in orgs with the Device Trust feature enabled. In the new Okta End-User Dashboard, these apps don't display a locked icon but are inaccessible to users when accessed from an untrusted device.


Control access to the Okta End-User Dashboard

Disable Okta communications to end users

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