About backup and restore


Access Gateway Backup

Access Gateway supports backup and restore of configuration.
Access Gateway admin nodes automatically backup configuration nightly. The Access Gateway Console provides an interface for administrators to view and manage these backups.

Using the console administrators can:

  • Rename, delete and otherwise manage backups.
  • Restore from an backup to return the configuration to a previous state.
  • Manage backups off-site, in the cloud or within source management systems.
  • Reuse backups to off-site or cloud storage, or using a backup of an admin node in a dev environment to restore an admin node in a staging environment.




  • Contain identity provider, application configurations, custom configurations, and other appliance-specific data.
  • Are used to restore to a prior system state, move configuration between environments, and store configuration off-site.
  • Are encrypted on download.
  • Require a password when downloaded off appliance.
  • Are performed automatically nightly at 12:00AM UTC-5.
  • Are maintained for the last 30 days.
  • Can be actively managed.



A restore isn't the opposite of backup but rather the operation of returning an Access Gateway instances configuration to a specific state or point in time. Restores are done for many reasons. For example, you might use restore to return to a known good configuration after adding or modifying a configuration and discovering a problem. Or you might use a restore to move configuration from one environment to another.

In general restores:

  • Are done on demand using any available backup.
  • Are performed using backups on-appliance or using a off-appliance uploaded backup.
  • Are often used to move configuration from one environment to another.
  • Support high availability clusters.