Create the Qlik application

During this task we will create the Qlik application in Access Gateway.

Create the application in Access Gateway

To create the Qlik application in Access Gateway:

  1. Sign in to the Access Gateway Admin UI console.
  2. Click the Applications tab.

  3. Click +Add to add a new application.

  4. Select Qlik from the application menu, and click Create.

    Select Qlik and click Create



    Please see the Supported technologiessection in Supported technologies support matrix for supported applications and software versions.

  5. In the Essentials pane enter:
    LabelThe name of the application,
    For example: Qlik application
    Public DomainThe externally facing URL of the application.
    For example: https://qlik.<>
    Protected Web ResourceThe URL and port combination of the Qlik application being protected.
    For example: http://qlik.<>
    GroupThe group containing users who can access the Qlik application.

Next steps

Configure certificates