Supported technologies

This page lists the currently supported versions of various tools and technologies used or supported by Okta Access Gateway.

For version information on Okta Access Gateway itself, see Okta Access Gateway Version History.

For information on firewall rules, capacity planning and related details see Prerequisites for deploying Access Gateway.

Supported technology

Supported Technology/Version
Transport :Level Security v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3

Supported VM environments

Description Version
Hardware Version/Compatibility VMX-8 and later
Supported VMWare versions
  • Workstation v8.0 & later
  • vSphere/ESXi v5.0 & later
Supported Oracle VirtualBox versions Version 5.0 and later

Supported virtualization environments

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Hashing Algorithm SHA256


Note: Older versions (before 6.5) of VMWare ESXi, vSphere and vSphere Client do not support SHA-256OVF Files.
To Convert from SHA256 to SHA1

$ ovftool --shaAlgorithm=SHA1 /path/to/the/original/ova_file.ova /path/to/the/new/ova/file-SHA1.ova

Underlying hardware

Okta Access Gateway was built to use the SSE4.2 extensions to the x64 instruction set, which were made available with the Intel® Nehalem and AMD Bulldozer microarchitectures. The server that runs Access Gateway must, at a minimum, support that instruction set.

Supported applications and versions

Important Note


Okta Access Gateway supports a maximum of 600 integrated applications.

What Version

Custom Web Application

Any that use HTTP Headers

Microsoft IIS IWA

IIS 7 or later

Microsoft OWA IWA

IIS 7 or later

Microsoft Sharepoint IWA

Sharepoint 2010 , Sharepoint 2013 & 2016 (using Windows Authentication)

Oracle Access Gate

v10g or later

Oracle Agile PLM

v9 or later

Oracle Application Express

v10g or later

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition


Oracle Demantra

v10g or later

Oracle E Business Suite

11i with latest patchset
Oracle EBS R12.1
Oracle EBS R12.2

Oracle E Business Suite Rapid SSO


Oracle Forms

v10g or later

Oracle Hyperion


Oracle JD Edward Enterprise One

v9 or later

Oracle WebLogic Server

v10.3.6 (11g) or later



For a complete list of all Access Gateway application templates see Access Gateway Supported Applications