Audit events

Advanced Server Access allows you to communicate within your team by keeping detailed logs of a wide range of configuration, enrollment, authentication, and authorization events that occur within the product and on your servers. Examples of this are details concerning who is attempting connections, when they took place, team settings changes, and issued credentials. Audited events are listed in the Events tab for every user, operating system, and project in your team.

From your dashboard, click either the host name of your server or the project that you want to see the events for. Click the Events tab to bring up a page of all audited events.

Events Tab

The Events tab displays the following information:

  • Resource
    • The user or resource that is being affected.
  • Action
    • What action was taken, whether it be accessing a resource or issuing credentials.
  • Related Info
    • What project or server this action is taking place in.
  • Actor
    • Who is committing this action.
  • Date
    • When this action took place.

From this page you can click any blue-linked resource and its Events tab to see a list of audited events.