RDP setup

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enables end users to access Windows servers using an RDP client. RDP uses a GUI to enable full access to Windows servers.

Install RDP clients for end users

Install an RDP client and use the links provided by your administrators to access your team's Windows servers.

Operating system

RDP client

macOS or Linux Download and install an RDP implementation for your platform (for example, click here to download Royal TSX, or click here to download FreeRDP).

Note: Some RDP implementations require you to purchase a license to use them.

Windows Download and install Remote Desktop from the Microsoft Store. Click here.

Create URL handlers for RDP connections

To give your users access to Windows servers through RDP, you can create URL handler links for your groups (see URL handler). Alternatively, you can have your users run sft rdp <server>

To let your users connect to a Linux server, use SSH.

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