Use Royal TSX with Advanced Server Access

You can use Royal TSX on macOS to connect to Windows servers using RDP. After installing and configuring Royal TSX to work with Advanced Server Access, you can connect to a Windows server by using the command: sft rdp HOSTNAME

Before you begin

  • Download and install Royal TSX. Click here.
  • Install the following plugins from Royal TSX > Plugins:
    • Remote Desktop (based on FreeRDP)
    • Terminal (based on iTerm2)

Configure Advanced Server Access to use Royal TSX

To configure Advanced Server Access to use Royal TSX as its default RDP client, enter the following command:

sft config rdp.client royaltsx

Create dynamic folder for team servers

You can create a dynamic folder in Royal TSX that uses an Advanced Server Access client command to populate the folder with the servers that belong to a team. To create a dynamic folder and populate it with all the servers in a team:

  1. In Royal TSX, navigate to File > New Document.
  2. Right-click the new document and select Add > Dynamic Folder. The Dynamic Folder Settings window appears.
  3. Enter a name and description for the folder.
  4. Click Dynamic Folder Script.
  5. Select Bash from the Interpreter drop-down box.
  6. Replace the default script with:

    sft list-servers-rjson

  7. Click Apply & Close.
  8. Right-click the dynamic folder and click Reload.
  9. Click Approve if Advanced Server Access prompts you to approve a credential request.
  10. The folder is populated with the servers that currently belong to the team. You can refresh this list by right-clicking the folder and selecting Reload.

After you've populated the dynamic folder, you can start an RDP session in Royal TSX to connect to a server in the list by using the command: sft rdp HOSTNAME

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