Push groups from Okta to Active Directory

You use group push to copy Okta groups and their members to Active Directory (AD). When you push groups to AD, Okta is the profile master for group membership.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > Directory Integrations.

  2. Select an Active Directory instance and click the Push Groups tab.

  3. To add a group to group push:
    1. Click Push Groups and select Find groups by name.

    2. Enter the name of the group you want to add to group push in the Find group field.

    3. Select an Organizational Unit (OU) to push the group to in the Push group to the following OU area.

    4. If the group does not currently exist, select Create Group in the No Match Column to create the group and then select the group scope and group type, or select Link Group in the No Match Column and select an existing group.
    5. Click Save or Save & Add Another if you want to add an additional group to group push.

  1. In the Push Status column, click Activate group push for the group you added in step 3.

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